SS22 Collection Sales Showroom

The Co-Laboratory

NEW YORK / Sept. 9th -23rd

Cristina Grajales Gallery

152 West 25th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001

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Spring Summer 2022

Long Xu’s LORING NEW YORK Spring/Summer 2022 collection is centered on floral themes of artists Henri Matisse and Robert Mapplethorpe. Xu was specifically inspired by Matisse’s Cut Outs series and felt akin to Matisse’s sojourn in Tahiti with his recent trip to China which has been a transformative experience for him both personally and creatively. 

Xu approached his Spring Summer 2022 collection with a focus on emphasizing the handcrafted aspect of LORING New York, connecting the technique of Tifaifai, a Polynesian style of patchwork art, and the traditional Chinese paper cut art, to blend modern art and traditional handcraft, highlighting LORING NEW YORK’s identity.

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